Following steps are to be followed :

  1. Determination Risk category from Ch1 (table 1.5 of ASCE 7-16)

  2. Selection of Wind speed given (In case not given can be taken from Ch 26 of ASCE 7-16)

  3. Selection of Directional Factor , Kd (Kd = 0.85 for MWFRS)

  4. Select the Exposure Category “B to D”

  5. Select the Topographic factor kzt ( kzt for flat areas can be taken as 1 while for hills and and areas refer Ch26)

  6. Take ground elevation factor Ke (1 for all flat areas)

  7. Velocity exposure coefficient Kz (different at different heights for the same building)

  8. Calculate the velocity pressure qz for based on the following equation = qz=0.00256kzkztkdkeV2 (where kz in above equation has to be entered for each increment of height)

  9. Selections of external pressure coefficients for the windward and leeward direction based on L/B ratio.

  10. For the use of natural Frequency determination, ensure that building height < 300ft & building height < 4xLeff .

Than Appropriate natural frequency can be calculated based on ASCE 7-16 segment 26.11.3

(for example for moment resisting frames na= 43.5/h0.9 hertz

  1. Gust Factor can be taken as 0.85

  2. Design Wind Pressures = Pz= qzGCp

  3. For final step calculate total design wind pressure by summation .